Dental Decontamination Areas

Even before the release of HTM 01-05: Decontamination in primary care dental practices, issued by department of health, Dental Interiors have been installing decontamination rooms in dental practices as part of practice refurbishments.

Over the past eighteen months sixty percent of our business has been projects relating to decontamination in dental practices.

The HTM 01-05 documentation can sometimes be confusing, with years of experience in the dental industry, combined with hours of research, we are able to apply our expertise, providing you with a compliant decontamination facility at your practice.

Our initial visit with you involves discussing your options and a basic site survey, where we take measurements and photographs of designated area/s, the collated information is then used to produce a quotation for you, along with a basic sketch of the rooms.

Providing our quotation is accepted we can then discuss timescales, complete with a full schedule of works, wall colours, flooring etc and iron out any queries before the work starts. On average each project lasts two weeks from start to finish, having allowed four to five weeks for cabinet and worktop manufacture.