Dental Equipment Services

Services within each dental surgery are the most critical aspect of any dental refurbishment or installation. We work closely with your dental equipment supplier, to make the service and installation process go as smooth as possible.

At Dental Interiors we are aware of chair positions in relation to cabinet layouts, with this knowledge we are able to provide the dentist and nurse with an optimum working area.

Our standard chair service package includes everything for a basic dental chair setup, including suction pipe work, power, compressed air, water, switch wires, plus any manufacturer specific cabling.

In addition to our standard chair services we offer our data suite package consisting of :

  • Standard aerial cable for standard TV feed.
  • VGA cable, allowing images to be displayed on chair mount monitor from PC.
  • RJ45 cable for other PC controlled devices.
  • Composite cables for connecting DVD player to chair mount screen.
  • DVI cable for optimum DVD/HD picture quality.
  • S-Video cable – another method of connecting your DVD / media player.

The services listed above can also be installed in cabinetry, we understand that not every dentist uses chair mount hand pieces and suction but prefer the more traditional cart system or rear delivery systems.

Whatever you want to install within your surgery, we are able to connect or fit supports for it.