Dental Heating & Ventilation

Nowadays most practices tend to use air conditioning in most areas, this is because of running costs and the stability of temperature, however it’s not always practical to have this in all areas.

Dental interiors also offer more traditional central heating systems, using modern condensing boilers and convection radiators for maximum efficiency. Larger practices can be split and heated by zone, allowing different temperatures for different areas of the building to come on at different intervals. Maybe you just want your boiler changing for a more cost effective model or even pressurised hot water storage adding to your system.

Ever rising gas and electricity prices are always a consideration when installing our systems, the more efficient the system, the lower the bills.

Our qualified Corgi registered gas fitters are able to plan and match the right system for your practices day to day requirements, usually allowing some reserves for any future expansion.

Air conditioning may also take care of most steam generated by sterilisation equipment but sometimes direct ventilation to outside is needed, for example in restrooms, kitchens, some sterilisation areas and more recently wherever suction motors are housed, this is due to extra technology incorporated into the units, such as amalgam separation.

Let us take care of your ventilation requirements and you can forget all about those unwanted odours, steam and soon to overheat suction motor.