Dental Flooring Services

Due to the various different work spaces found within a dental practice, a range of different dental floor coverings will inevitably be required.

We will give you the right advice to enable you to choose the best flooring system for the different areas within your practice.

Our flooring team supply and fit a wide range of flooring from basic contract carpet tiles to designer vinyl flooring systems bespoke to your practice.

All the necessary work required for the installation of a new floor is carried out by us including any repairs or preparation work to the sub floor, ensuring you get the best possible finish.

Get a free estimate via email for your flooring by providing us with the following information:

  1. Provide us your name and contact details.
  2. Measure the length an width of your room with a tape measure.
  3. If possible, tell us if the sub floor is wood or concrete.
  4. Is there existing flooring to be taken up and disposed of?.
  5. If the room is a surgery, does the chair need to be removed and refitted?.
  6. Does the flooring need to be cove formed around cabinets and perimeter of the room?
  7. Take photographs of all walls/cabinets where flooring is to be cove formed.
  8. Email the information along with the attached photographs.

Samples of all our flooring products are available on acceptance of quotation.